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Useful Research Tools and Sites

Databases and Search Engines

Ensembl: Human Genome Server

NCBI: National Center for Biotechnology Information

SGD: Yeast Genome Database

PROSITE: Database of Protein Families and Domains 

SWISS-PROT: and TrEMBL: Protein Knowledge Database

Pfam: Database of HMM Profiles of Protein Sequences

PDB: Protein Data Bank 

PaxDB: Protein Abundance Database

Protein Blast: Protein sequence alignment 

Protein Atlas: Information on human protein expression and localization 

Uniprot: Protein sequence and function resource

BioGRID: Biological General Repository for Interaction Datasets

FPvis: Fluorescent protein properties

BioGPS: Gene annotation portal

M-CSA: Database of enzyme reaction mechanisms 


ExPASy: Bioinformatics resource portal

ProtParam: Computes various chemical and physical properties of protein sequences

Protein Structure and Analysis

PyMol: Protein visualization tool

Chimera: Molecular modeling program by UCSF

Chimera Tutorials: Resource for understanding how to use Chimera

University Related Sites

University Affiliations

ICMB: Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology

CSSB: Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology

CMB: Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program

Biochemistry Graduate Program


RTA: Request for Travel Authorization

Public engagement opportunities at UT

Room Reservations through the MBS department 

Poster Printing

CNS (Lab favorite)

Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Funding Opportunities

External Fellowships, Training Grants, and Awards

GWIS National Fellowship Program: Sigma Delta Epsilon (SDE), Eloise Gerry, Ethel K. Allen, Vessa Notchev, Jean Langenheim, Monique Braude and Nell I. Mondy Fellowships by the Graduate Women in Science Fellowship Program

NIH Individual Fellowships: List of National Institute of Health fellowships for undergraduates, graduates, and post docs

NIH Institutional Training Grants: List of National Institute of Health fellowships for undergraduates, graduates, and post docs

NSF: List of National Science Foundation fellowships for graduate students and postdocs

AAUW: Fellowships through the American Association of University Women to support women scholars who are completing dissertations, planning research leave from accredited institutions, or preparing research for publication

Internal Fellowships, Training Grants, and Awards

The Graduate School at the University of Texas at Austin: Resource of internal and external fellowships

Graduate School Fellowships: See a list of current fellowships through the online Graduate School Awards System (requires eID)



Lab Member Resources

Matouschek lab Wiki

Around Austin

Events and Entertainment

Do512: Events happening in and around Austin

365 Things Austin: Events happening in and around Austin 

Favorite Lab Lunch Spots

Torchy's Tacos

Clay Pit

Taco Joint


Some of our Favorite Podcasts

Science Friday

This American Life


Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (Highly recommend Punic Nightmares series)

Science Vs

Freakonomics Radio

Origin Stories

Reply All

Hidden Brain

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